The History of Skeleflow

Most people stay in corporates for most of their lives. The security and comfort levels that you acquire from it, is soul sucking. However for a rare few, they drop out of the corporate game with the desire to do something far greater than their classic 9-5.


Skeleflow Consulting was born from the energy generated by a man who wanted to provide more to the traditional industry. Logistics, warehousing, supply chain are some of those that seem so alien to the millennials, so much so that it is an industry that not many of the younger generation has dwelled into.

Supply Chain is the complete network in which a company delivers its product or service and includes suppliers, warehouses, distribution centres, transportation providers and retailers. The end-to-end functions in a supply chain include product development, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, customer service and finance. Then we have warehousing which is the process of storing goods until they are sold and dispatched to customers. Following onto logistics, logistics is the process that plans and controls the flow of goods and services to customer’s requirements.


As most traditional companies are now looking at other methods of helping their business thrive in the current dotcom era, E-commerce has become one of the most popular options that traditional companies are adopting. Ecommerce refers to the business transactions that involve marketing, buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.


The core reason to Skeleflow being created. The why to the existence of Skeleflow. Ivan Lim is tired of seeing these industries fall apart. Built by an individual for the industry. 9-5 has become 24/7 for the sake of providing value and knowledge that we can’t bring into our next lives.

From being an Engineer with the Land Transport Authority, winning awards with Fedex, heading the launch of SF Express, taking charge of Shiriro’s supply chain function, setting up H & M Hennes & Mauritz distribution centre, setting up LEGO in Asia Pacific, all the way to leading Amazon Singapore to break worldwide records.


Not only does Skeleflow look to provide top experiences, value and knowledge to those within these industries, but Skeleflow also aims to solve the current underlying issues by incorporating technology with the aim of increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction and most importantly, helping organisations increase revenue and reduce costs, whilst providing a much healthier cashflow.