The Management Team

Ivan Lim

Managing Director


The magician. The man who runs the show. The reason why your operational problems will be solved today. With over 20+ years of experience within the Supply Chain, Logistics and warehousing, and E-commerce industry, Ivan is now the Managing Director of Skeleflow Consulting Pte Ltd.


This is Ivan in a nutshell. From working with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, to winning awards with Fedex, setting up Logistics Hubs and warehouses for SF Express, Shiriro and H & M, managing operations for LEGO and finally leading the set up of Amazon in South East Asia.


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Chia Jeng Yang

Head of Research

The man. The myth. The legend. He lives and breathes on making his idols, transform into rivals.25+ years of age but with the experience that most of people take more than a lifetime to achieve.


From leading the largest ever student-runned think tank, managing operations under Rocket Internet, advising Fortune 500 companies, to presenting reports to Prime Ministers. Chia Jeng Yang now heads the research team at Skeleflow Consulting.


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Keith Lester Tang

Sales Consultant,

Project Management

The salesman. The hustler. The Project Manager. He is whatever you call him to be. Keith Lester Tang is currently a Sales Consultant at Skeleflow Consulting Pte Ltd. With over 5+ years of corporate experience, Keith has given nothing but satisfaction to most of the clients that he has managed. He doesn’t care if you run a start up or if you are the CEO of a conglomerate. Everyone is equal and client satisfaction is what he breathes.


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